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Friday, March 05, 2010

5 Romantic Destinations from my past tours ...

1. Where to propose? 108 stories up, of course! (Paris, France): On our 2008 tour we traveled with another college group and one particular participant was very worried when our itinerary changed pushing back when we’d visit the Eiffel Tower. Mainly he was worried that if we pushed back the visit to that evening it might rain and our visit would be canceled. However, it turned out beautifully; we got to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated in the twilight hours and he got to complete his mission of reaching the top of the tower with his girlfriend to make a very public proposal.
2. Walk around the lake (Lucerne, Switzerland): While in Lucerne most of our group opted to take a cable car ride up Mount Pilatus to enjoy the view; however, I wanted another chance at seeing the Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument) and to have some free time to wander Lucerne. So our group leader and I chose to stay behind and enjoy not only our second trip to the Lion Monument but also a truly lovely walk around the lake. Apparently May is a breathtaking time to stroll through the park and around Lake Lucerne, plus we found a nice little restaurant with a terrace so we could continue to enjoy the perfect weather while also enjoying a cold Alsterwasser (beer and lemonade).

3. Fairy tale castle with a view (Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany): How much more breathtaking or romantic of a site can you find than a fairy tale castle? So, of course, Neuschwanstein, the 19th-century Bavarian palace of Ludwig II, has to make the list. However, the Bavarian palace makes the list as much, if not more, for it’s spectacular views as for it’s lovely design. The bridge is placed in such a spot on the Alp the castle sits on as to offer tourists flawless photographs of both the castle and the surrounding scenery.

4. The perfect little Mediterranean island (Capri, Italy): My favorite day in Italy was the morning we spent taking a motorboat around the Isle of Capri and the time we then spent on the island itself. The weather was ideal, bright and breezy. The sights on our mini cruise produced fabulous pictures and memories. The food (swordfish) was exquisitely fresh and delicious. The shops were plentiful with souvenir items ranging from scarves to hats to lemon chocolate (a specialty of the island). And the view from the top was magnificent and rich in color. Since that day if anyone were to ask me to paint an image of a tropical paradise, Capri would be my muse.

5. Swans, park benches and Irish humor (Dublin, Ireland): While in Dublin last May (2009) I spent a disproportionate amount of time in St. Stephen’s Green. This beautiful park simply offered so much to see and enjoy along with a very peaceful atmosphere. I especially enjoyed the view from one spot in the park where I was able to get perfect pictures of O’Connell Bridge. But from standing near the pond watching the swans and ducks, to strolling through the park admiring the flowers, to admiring the fountains and listening to music in the center of the park, to sitting on a bench talking for hours with one of the locals, St. Stephen’s Green made me feel at peace and at home in Dublin.

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